What Next ApotheBeauties?

ApotheBeauty opened as a Brick & Mortar store on October 1st, 2017.  Our goal was to offer truly non-toxic skin care and makeup to Women in a zero-pressure shopping environment, while cultivating a culture focused on self-love, appreciation, acceptance, and encouragement.

And we feel that we truly did that.  We had the incredible opportunity to connect with our customers in a very personal way and build really great relationships. But, as the modern world of retail is a tough world, we decided to close the store and stretch our wings in new ways!

So, here is what is next!

1. We are going to continue to offer the most popular and most wonderful makeup and skin care items that everyone loved in the store on our website.  We are also adding to our selections!

2. We are going to be doing live Makeup classes on Instagram stories, live videos, and tv. 

3. We are going to be featuring #ApotheBeauties so we can share our community of wonderful and amazing Women with each other!

5. We are going to be hosting #TeaTalkOnTuesday where we feature a new ApotheBeauty every other week.  We will be doing makeup, chatting, and connecting.  

We are working on all of the details and are excited to bring you more information as we get everything set up!